Our specialised repair service includes:

  • Dynamic balancing of complete rotor assemblies.
  • Reblading of rotor shaft
  • Turbine blade repair
  • Retrofits and performance improvement projects.
  • Metal spray on rotor shaft, machining and grinding.

Dynamic Balancing:

Working with high speed rotating machineries one of the important things is balancing.
Excessive vibration in rotating machinery can cause unacceptable levels of noise and, more importantly, substantially reduce the life of bearings and can cause severe damage to the turbocharger and break downs of these turbochargers can harm personnel.
The unbalance is caused by an effective displacement of the mass centre line from the true axis caused by some mass eccentricity in the unit.
The best one can do is to reduce this unbalance to a level that will not adversely affect the bearing life and will reduce noise levels to an acceptable level through Dynamic Balancing.
All our workshops are equipped with SCHENCK German made balancing machine with computerised Software to provide precision results.