We at Dalwin Group are committed to provide Services & Repair work and supply of spares for marine & land based power plant and traction applications and maintain a clean environment, occupational health & safety at work place and surroundings for sustainable growth in its activities.

This is reinforced by;

  1. Commitment to Quality
  2. Prompt Response
  3. Technological Innovations
  4. Flexible Service Provision
  5. Customer Satisfaction
  6. Prevent Hazards, Pollution & Ill Health
  7. Complying Of Statutory & Regulatory Requirements
  8. Saving of Resources
  9. Providing Adequate Infrastructure & Facilities
  10. Threats Analysis and Risk Evaluations
  11. Knowledge and Integrity of Employees

This will be Achieved by Continual Improvement in Integrated Management System through Teamwork, Optimal Utilization of Resources & Dedicated Efforts of the Management & the Employees.


To have long term relationship with the customers through our global network and empathizing with them, providing most reliable and dependable services with proper technical Know-how for customer and be "Trusted turbo workshops preferred globally"